Matt was a pleasure to work with. He is one of the most
valued vendors at Davis. His work ethic is exemplary, he
is incredibly flexible under tight deadlines and changing
criteria, and his quality is excellent.

Barbara Place, Davis Publications

Matt is an excellent print production artist. We have collaborated on projects a
number of times over the last few years. He invests his time upfront to understand the
project scope, and makes excellent suggestions on how to streamline the production
process. His work is always meticulous . . . this along with his wealth of technical
knowledge and attention to every detail make him a pleasure to work with.

Lee Allen Kreindel, lak/gd

I’ve worked with Matt on several multi-part textbooks with
ancillary materials. He is detail oriented, communicative,
efficient, dependable, impressively knowledgeable about the
software tools—very professional overall.

Tyler Kemp-Benedict, WGBH Design

Matt has taken on many projects for me over the years. I can always
trust that he will produce top quality work—on time, and within the
given budget. These jobs can be highly complex, taking a great deal
of intelligence and analysis on his part. I can always count on Matt
to ask the right questions, and I recommend him highly.

Emily Soltanoff, Pearson Education

Matt has always done a great job for me producing masterfully-
built print documents. Like a meticulous craftsman, he is a true
pro who can be depended upon to do a thorough job, on time
and on budget.

Jon Pietz, BrandX Communications

Matt handled the design, art direction, and production of our alumni
magazine, and did a fantastic job. They were a pleasure to work with,
completely professional, and produced an exceptional product at a
reasonable rate to boot. . . . Can't praise him enough.

Jon Gorey, Suffolk University Law School